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Welcome to your home away from home, darling Divas!
A place where you can mingle amongst Divas, show off travel photos and chat about the world and your footprints in it.

Join the international Divaratti and connect with them in real time, or else take a leisurely sojourn across the globe through our award-winning travel stories. It can be a full-blown party of fabulousness or else a quiet tete-a-tete about the Tet Fest in Vietnam. Besides information and socializations, you'll enjoy special Diva-only discounts and offers as well as spoil-you-rotten contests with life-changing travel prizes. Finally, a world made in the image of Divas!

We hope you'll be inspired to add to our collective Diva conscience by taking that leap, hopping on that plane and taking on the world solo style! Why? Because you can. You really can.

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Get Inspired

  • Live vicariously through award-winning travel stories by our jet setting editorial staff
  • Follow the adventures of our blogging Divas as they trot around the globe
  • Browse Diva destinations-view travel photos and read trip journals submitted by Divas
  • Check out our featured Diva Visionaries and their empowering true stories

Plan Your Trip

  • Become tempted by last minute deals, full service travel agents and Tango Diva sponsored Girl Getaways
  • Post questions and provide answers in real time to our community message board, the Jetset Forum
  • Learn from locals and serious travelers about the latest and greatest places to dine, stay, spa and more
  • Connect with other Divas for advice and suggestions

Connect, Contribute,Collaborate

  • Build a personal network of Divas
  • Contact a Diva in Dover before you hit the White Cliffs, or a lass in Madras, or a gal in Nepal and so on
  • Join other Divas for a Tango Diva Girl Getaway-finally, a travel group with the right attitude!

Publish Your Own MyTango Page

  • Post your personal travel photos
  • Keep a virtual travel journal full of your trips-yes, we have the bandwidth for all of them!
  • Enlighten other Divas with your brave new worlds and words

Special Offers and Contests for Divas Only

  • Never miss out on exclusive discounts and giveaways
  • Enter sweepstakes and win wowing prizes
  • Participate in one of our Diva's Dreams Contests and win a dream vacation. Seriously.

These are but a taste of the world to come. Tango Diva 2.0 will maintain all the inspiration and information of our first generation, but with an added dimension of interactivity and exclusivity. The experience will be richer, deeper and fuller. Once you've had 2.0, baby, you'll never look back.